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North Shore ridin'

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  1. Alucard
    2014-12-28 11:47 PM
    Hi Mr Foss,

    I'm sorry to hear about your recent heart troubles. Hopefully it won't bother you again. I'd like to wish both you and your wife a Happy and Healthy 2015.


  2. BenBrown
    2014-05-06 09:35 PM

    I very much appreciate your advice about possible 29"ers to buy. Because I live on a very small income with low debt I have to budget out a ways. Plus having something to aim for keeps me motivated.

    I definitely am in the Level I camp. I only need to master free mounting, but that is coming. After that I can aim for the next level. I am not remotely kidding to say the unicycle has/is saving my ability to earn an income, let alone improved my health beyond anyone's expectations.
  3. monocyclism
    2014-04-29 07:23 AM
    Hello John,
    Concerning your comment about my 36" whitewall tire...

    I used whitewall tyre paint. There are some references to this on the "Post your 36" thread that you may have missed. At any rate, I here are the page links that include info about the modification of the tyre and rim, as well as the full build if you are interested





  4. squellow
    2013-03-27 12:06 AM
    hey john, did you get my e-mail? in case that not, let me know, i'd need a valid address then. otherwise... hoping for a reply have a nice day!
  5. snakemau
    2012-11-26 04:40 PM
    Hello John, thanks for the links info. However I'm still trying to decide. Based on the link info yeah I can ride either a 20" or 24". I do ride mountain bikes XC and my kids ride their MTB as well. My goal is to learn to ride the uni and then be able to go riding with my boys at the park (they are just 9 and 7 yrs old so they go slow), also the park is mostly flat sandy roads or we ride on the pavement. So now if either 20' - 24' will do, then which one will be a good brand to select that wont requiere many updgrades? I know eventually I will get a Muni (26" at least rigth?), but fort now will a Torker CX or LX do? what about the Club or Sun brands? I also dontr want to spend too much on my beginners uni cause if I get a muni later on, i will put my cash on that one, so any reccomendations? Thank you so much for your time and help.
  6. aspenmike
    2012-10-10 12:24 PM
    Hi John, I hope Jacquie is doing well and healing comfortably.
  7. skilewis74
    2012-05-02 10:13 PM
    John, just how long have you had that avatar?

  8. moffatuniguy
    2012-04-28 03:19 PM
    Hi John, We missed you in Madison last year. I think I unofficially won the Pub Crawl!!
  9. Nurse Ben
    2011-12-22 01:33 PM
    Nurse Ben
    John, any interest in having the Cali muni fest in Tennessee?
  10. wayne
    2010-12-27 11:07 AM
    Hi John,
    if you really want one a unicycling santa I will ask my friend where he found it (most likely somewhere in Tasmania) and ask him to get another one, which I will promptly post over to you. I will of course get a quote first.


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    Learned to ride 11979, Redford Club 1980-84, Long Island Unicyclists 85-94, Gold Country Unicyclists 95-present. For USA have been newsletter editor, president, rules committee chairman. For IUF have been newsletter editor, president, rules committee
    Carmichael, CA
    Photography, computers
    Photographer, Web Designer, occasional Performer
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    "I think God gave us two wheels for a reason." -- Bodfish


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