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A group for folks who share an interest in riding muni at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park - in Issaquah Washington.
1 0 0 3
Sammelbecken für alle Einradler rund um Wiesloch/Heidelberg
9 1 3 0
01:15 PM
Lets ride! Talk about trails and parks where you like to ride in Texas! Post pictures of your uni and wheere you like to ride.
2 1 5 1
06:00 AM
We practice every weekend at Main Street plaza or riding on Tom Taylor bike trail.
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Several clubs exist in Calgary for unicycling and this social group is here to help connect people to those. We have the Calgary Mountain Unipsychos (uni.ethereal3d.com)- offroading in the rockies. Contact MikeKing here. We have the Screaming Skulls (unicyclist.ca) - downtown trials and urban assault riding. Facebook group called, uniFreaks where a number of local unicyclists stay in touch as well. Local Christian group known as Kidztown - teaches and uses unicycling heavily in their programs.
4 1 2 0
01:13 AM
Am I the only unicyclist in NM?
2 1 2 0
06:03 AM
Scottish unicyclist
12 2 4 0
08:52 PM
This group is for all the unicyclist around Washington state who want to share about thir adventures with the hands free mobile device( unicycle) and want to share pictures with other local unicyclist
2 0 0 0
Yo. This is for all yall unicyclists from the good ole states. Come on down.
20 1 7 0
06:07 PM
Do you ride your unicycle around town, and people wonder if you're a creep and look at you and point and laugh? Well, then, this group is for you!
18 1 3 0
11:26 PM
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