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  1. Unicaw89
    2009-09-09 05:59 AM
    OK so the private messaging has changed since I last used it... So at our last trials competition, CMW was brought up and myself and Jarin Erickson are willing to help, or organize a trials competition. I remember a great natural trials area that we rode on last time you hosted CMW. If there were to be a comp givin your permission and perhaps help. We would like to invite a few bikers to compete with us as to help merge our communities. I understand the CMW is a MOUNTAIN unicycle event, that is why we only wish to make it an optional trials event in the evening. I do not mean to impose our riding style on our great muni event. It has just been tradition to have a trials comp at CMW.
    Any feedback is great John. If you want to email me more directly please do at

    Thanks John!

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