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  1. juggleaddict
    2010-03-16 01:30 AM
    The other thing to note is that the KH comes with moment cranks, and a freeride seat. If you wanted to upgrade the nimbus pro with those, it's not that far off the price of a KH.I ended up not having that extra little bit to dish out, but I kinda wish I had now. Unfortunately that 100 dollar upgrade for the kh frame would now cost me 300. : [
  2. juggleaddict
    2010-03-16 01:30 AM
    My main reason for getting the nightrider pro was the double holed cranks. I liked the idea of a stronger hub too, but after riding a while, I can honestly say that it's not really necessary unless you're doing some heavy trails with it. The other difference is that the pro has a machined sidewall for brakes, which doesn't mean you can't run them on the normal nightrider, it just means it will be a little smoother on the pro. Given that there is some frame flex transversely, I haven't really had interest in brakes, I heard they rub if you're pushing hard up a hill. I would even consider the titan, it's a good wheel : ) If you really want the rits, just wait for a KH : ) a 29er should hold you for a while ; P I haven't gotten to ride a KH yet, but my nightrider pro is the same thing minus hub and frame, and I think the hub is about the same.
  3. Tom M
    2010-03-13 07:38 PM
    Tom M
    Just finally ordered my 29" muni, and told the wife that I am putting $ away for my 36 so I can ride to work.. She said Ok.. I respect your knowledge with the 36 and wanted your opinion if I should wait and get the night rider or the nightrider pro on UDC.. or wait even longer and get the KH? The 36 will be long distance street only, nothing rough

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