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  1. kb1jki
    2011-06-02 02:33 AM
    What's your t shirt size?
  2. kb1jki
    2011-03-18 08:30 AM
    nice assembly PDF. much better than my attempt! Thanx.
  3. magnustudios
    2010-12-11 10:49 PM
    Hey, sorry I missed this message when you posted it.

    The ride was great! Most intense riding I've ever done no doubt - we had two centuries in two days at one point, and the riding-day average was well over 100km.

    Still looking forward to a mountainuni disk break rotor some day!
  4. kb1jki
    2010-10-19 01:45 PM
    Sorry we didn't have the disk brake setup ready for your charity ride, how did it go? We've got our first production run of the rotors coming soon, and possibly bolt-on caliper mounts to follow eventually.

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