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  1. UniKid2
    2009-10-02 07:48 PM
    I mostly ride Muni, But trials and street if my friend makes me..

    Jaco_Flans, here on the forums is a pretty decent trials rider, He lives a few minutes from my place..
  2. scott ttocs
    2009-10-02 06:29 AM
    scott ttocs
    I was in Ottawa from Thursday night through Saturday morning, but I was working all Friday and did not really have extra time.

    I ride around on a coker and try to learn simple freestyle tricks on a 24" Nimbus. I have tired a bit of light Muni, but have not developed any trials skill.

    What type of riding to you enjoy?
  3. UniKid2
    2009-09-26 10:59 PM
    Until when are you in Ottawa? Do you have a uni with you? What type of riding do you do?

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