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  1. stillup
    2014-04-03 10:14 PM
    bought it from Canada, our neighbors to the north. the company sent me an apology email mystified about how such a mistake could happen..and you know what..I like the uni so much that I instantly forgave them.. I agree with you about UDC..some things seem a little pricey but there aren't that many places to buy hubs, cranks, and seats from. and they are very good at customer service. things always arrive quickly and well packaged. you know , nothing really prepares you for the sheer size of a 36" wheel until you see it in person. its huge. where I ride mostly, are little bridges about 1 mile apart...the have rails and I mount there..it lets me get seated just right and off I go..when there are no bridge rails..I have figured out that the 36 doesnt roll back like the smaller ones and I put the pedals at about 45 degrees, roll forward a little and I can us the left pedal as a step , pushing up on it.. but the bridge rails are better. off to bed...
  2. stillup
    2014-04-01 07:43 PM
    bought the 36" qu-ax Lexus...and its a little odd because when it finally cleared customs it was delivered 5 houses down from me..luckily I was out front at the time and saw a Unicycle sized box being delivered to a 96 year old woman who lives alone there.. Now I know that she hasn't taken up unicycles so I went and investigated..sure enough it was mine..UPS did a great job..there was a hole in the front of the box and I could see the cycle without opening the box. I got it home and it was in good shape and all there. but, in the description it said white aluminum double walled wheel with large braking surface..with 36" TA tire. what I got was a black double walled wheel with small braking surface and a Nimbus Nightrider tire ...but despite all that..I love it so far.. I rode about 6 miles today and a little yesterday after assembly. take care...stillup

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