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  1. EliB
    2009-06-03 08:02 PM
    I'm almost done with my callout
  2. EliB
    2009-04-26 11:56 PM
    Yess!!1!!!!! I've wanted that video ever since the trailer.
  3. unicycledood
    2009-04-26 11:54 PM
    No promises, but street styles is coming xD

    Arthurs vid inspired me.
  4. EliB
    2009-04-26 11:41 PM
    It's hard to find someone that does like zero flat. Everyone has stopped doing street lately.
  5. unicycledood
    2009-04-26 09:32 PM
    Hmmm maybe...Dosn't look like Zachs been improving much lately. Unlike you and Pat.
    But yeah sounds alright. I'll try think of someone else for Pat, but if no one else comes to mind, do it!
  6. EliB
    2009-04-26 11:57 AM
    Alright sounds good with me. Who do you think pat should call out? Zach Wenner maybe?
  7. unicycledood
    2009-04-26 03:41 AM
    No offense to them, but you guys would cream them...

    Call out pedro!
  8. EliB
    2009-04-26 02:09 AM
    Lol, I was thinking the same thing the other day. Pat never wants to make videos though. We've been waiting for like 3 weeks for Any_Terrain and Ground Zero to call us out. So I've kinda gotta wait.
  9. unicycledood
    2009-04-26 01:44 AM
    Yo man, I gave it some thought. And I think you should call out Pedro T!
    You guys are both better then each other in certain areas but its pretty evenly matched. Get Pat to film you doing some street lines and do some kickflips, over and underflips and you could take it out Pedro has improved a lot tho, but hey, wouldnt want it to be too easy.
  10. EliB
    2009-01-08 10:23 PM
    Yeah I really want too. I have to find someone, and get a camera that will work.

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