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  1. unicycledood
    2009-08-17 04:29 AM
    Wicked. You dont have to worry about the street vid comp if you dont want to enter.

    Pat told me I should call you out and I agreed it'd be awesome but I don't have the time to make 2 seperate vids And you just rode with him, so he must think your up to the task
  2. foforackard
    2009-08-17 03:47 AM
    dude what up! man i think you'd probably rape me in a callout, but I'll be up for whatever haha. sounds fun if you want to. Oh and I actually made an msn today its forrestrackard@cox.net. Hit me up on there or something cuz I gotta figure out how it works lol.
  3. unicycledood
    2009-08-17 03:08 AM
    Hey fofo, you got msn or something??? Wondering if you'd be interested in a callout Also wonder if your gonna enter the Street vid competition.

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