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Conversation Between Jagster and Salamious
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  1. Salamious
    2010-11-26 01:58 AM
    Just commenting so Jack isn't the only one on the page...
  2. Salamious
    2010-11-10 07:23 AM
    Putting in my application now..gonna get a REAL job rather than your kitchen hand-ness...

    U JELLY!
  3. Salamious
    2010-10-23 10:26 PM
    Aw, yo jelly knows no bounds. And also I took the Uni to my uncles place and learnt how to hop and also i can now idle for about 2 seconds so im working on that today :P
  4. Jagster
    2010-10-23 08:06 AM
    yes, i'm JELLY!!
  5. Salamious
    2010-10-23 05:42 AM
    Purple? Eww. Maybe green or white? :P

    Also, I'm making a wicked as trials place at my dads, u jelly bro?
  6. Jagster
    2010-10-23 01:22 AM
    You should get the uni in PURPLE But i'd probably get it in WHITE
  7. Salamious
    2010-10-21 05:24 AM
    Jagster fails :ahem:

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