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  1. skilewis74
    2017-03-09 05:59 AM
    The most important part of Muni fitness for me is abs. If they're strong I ride smoother, UPD less & when I do less scary.
    It would be hard for me to last this 5 min Cirque Du Soleil workout.
  2. rkrem
    2016-05-15 07:38 PM
    Hmm that is interesting. I have always thought some good trials riders should practice on hard downhill trails... it would be very interesting.
    As for myself... maybe one day. I never ride trials these days so my skills are slipping. i would be hesitant to make an uphill video.
    maybe one day though!
  3. skilewis74
    2016-03-09 02:41 PM
    I was thinking of a good vid would be you riding some of the bit easier trails you have uphill. "It's All Uphill From Here" sounds like a good title
    Would definitely get a bit trialsy at parts for how I'm envisioning it. I bet a 24 would be better than your 26 (if you still have it or maybe you could borrow one) or even a trials uni.

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