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  1. dangerdog
    2010-03-31 09:32 PM
    Hi Robert
    I haven't done a uni tour,I mostly ride muni/xc on my 36er most rides are between 10 and 20km.This weekend I am attending the Australian Muni weekend at Canberra.It will be a good chance to ride with other unicyclists which will be different as usually I ride on my own or sometimes with my MTB riding friend.I will also be taking my 24" muni to Canberra to use if the trails are too tough for the 36.Good luck with your plans for a uni tour.
  2. Kartochitatel
    2010-03-31 11:51 AM
    John, do you have long tours on unicycle?
    I have an idea for making unitour here in Yakutia at future.
    But here is no riders=)
    It's just a plan.
  3. dangerdog
    2010-03-31 11:11 AM
    Hi Robert thanks for looking,you tube only gives the link I gave you so it is somewhere in that site,I thought it might have been somewhere obvious at that site but it may be buried somewhere obscure.Doesn't really matter,it just seemed a bit strange having about 150 and rising number of views over the last 2 days and all from that Russian site.

  4. Kartochitatel
    2010-03-31 10:16 AM
    Hi, John!
    I can't find video on this site http://forum.velomania.ru/
    Could you give me a short link?
  5. dangerdog
    2010-03-31 04:49 AM
    Hi Robert
    I ask a favour of you,my you tube video "36er offroad" has had a lot of attention in Russia over the weekend all from this MTB sitehttp://forum.velomania.ru/ I'm pretty sure you can speak Russian if so would you be able to have a look at the site for me and see if they respect or laugh at me.How is your unicycling going.
  6. Kartochitatel
    2010-01-11 08:44 AM
    Hello, thanks)
    Here in Yakutsk I saw some touruists from asia countries and europe.
    They just came here to see, how it is cold Yakutsk at real.)
  7. dangerdog
    2010-01-07 08:26 AM
    Good-day Robert congratulations on being the first muni rider in Yakutsk.I did have a bit of google at Yakutsk it is a very cold and isolated city.It has a research facility for building in permafrost.You can only get there by boat or by road when the river is frozen enough.I read that you will have a bridge in a few years.I can barely imagine what it must be like living there as I have always lived with temps mostly between 10c and 35c.Keep up the unicycling.

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