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  1. NotSoYoungOne
    2011-08-10 01:05 AM
    Hmmm. Good question. With my daughter, brother, and nephew, I took time to teach them and it made their progress extremely fast compared to mine. So I would advise getting someone to help them learn if they can. Then it would have to be the same as most everyone else out here on the community - keep at it, don't get discouraged, and never give up!
  2. andynwoo
    2011-08-07 12:16 PM
    Hey Brian. So whats your best tip that you give people when they first get a on a uni? Cheers, Andy
  3. NotSoYoungOne
    2011-08-05 01:58 AM
    Hey AndyNWoo. I got your friend request and your visitor message. I noticed some of your posts before and thought you had some cool stuff happening, so it is great to put it all together. So far I have got a guy at work riding again after many years, taught my younger brother and nephew who are both now riding muni, and my daughter and her friend. Others are resisting the madness so far!

    I too have purchased waaaaay too many uni's. So yeah, my wife has had a legitimate complaint about the $$$ I have spent!! But she is supportive. Wish I could get her to try it .

    Thanks for the friend request. Best to your whole crew, and if I ever get down under I will have to find a way to visit! Same invitiation--if you are ever headed to Utah let me know.

  4. andynwoo
    2011-08-03 09:02 AM
    Hey NotSoYoungOne, thought i'd add you as a friend. I too am one of those crazies who has taken up unicycling in their late 40s. Its been 18mths now for me and I have inspired all 3 of my teenage kids, my wife and many of my extended family and inlaws to learn. The uni bug bit me so bad that I now have a KH 36", QUAX 26", KH 20" and I have had to folk out for the same 26" and a 20" for my wife and 3 kids. A garage full of unicyce family fun! our latest addition is a QUAX Giraffe, scary but fun to rude! We all ride together regularly. If you are ever in South East Queensland Australia look us up. Cheers

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