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  1. chuckaeronut
    2012-05-01 05:55 PM
    Hi Flaviu, I'm only a few years late in getting back to you!

    I did shave the knobs completely - the tire was as slick as I could get it.

    The tire was completely round, like a torus.

    I first cut the knobbies off with diagonal cutters, then ground down the remainder with a large steel file. It took about 14 hours.

    I really have no idea how much weight was lost. I do know that the tire felt much faster, but I believe that's simply due to the decreased rolling resistance from there being no tread.

    I would NOT recommend doing this, though, because the tire only lasted about 150 miles before wearing all the way through the threads and popping the tube against the pavement! It was not worth the effort :-)

    And nope, I have no experience drilling the rim. I know Sam Wakeling (redwelly) has done it, and had it turn out really well.

    If you get this, good luck!

    - Chuck
  2. UAC
    2009-04-23 07:04 AM
    Hello Chuck,

    I'm Flaviu from Romania and have a KH36 (among many other unis).

    The wheel is too heavy. That's a fact! Knowing that you shaved your tire I date to ask you some questions:
    - did you shave the knobs completely? (like they do on trials tires)
    - how did the tire surface curvature ended up? (more round, more flat)
    - what tool(s) did you use for this procedure?
    - do you have an (rough) estimation of the "weight loss"?

    Last but not least, I would really appreciate to have a close-up photo of the "mod" tire. please...if possible
    Moreover, drilling the rim may be a good idea!?
    Have you done that too?
    ...I believe 2 / 3 holes (10-14mm) for each interval would be proper...

    Thank you very much,

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