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Conversation Between Davey and PeterH
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  1. PeterH
    2013-01-09 12:09 AM
    Hey Davey, I am positive I will be riding this weekend, probably both Saturday and Sunday. I have a college interview in the morning on Saturday, but I'll be sure to be headed to Valley Green (by the Forbidden Drive entrance) in the afternoon. I ride there ALL THE TIME! I'm a regular! The trails are great, and great practice!
  2. Davey
    2013-01-07 07:55 PM
    Hi Peter

    Rats i was looking on sunday and had planned to contact you but after seeing the snow. I thought that you may not ride.

  3. PeterH
    2013-01-01 05:44 PM
    Hey Davey,
    I hope to see you sometime over at Forbidden Drive. That is where I start when I ride. I'm headed over there today, to ride in the snow. Well atleast try. Message me back if you get this. I'm going later this afternoon.
  4. PeterH
    2012-12-10 10:20 PM
    Hey Davey,

    Your uni collection sounds awesome! I agree, it'd be great to get together and ride at Valley Green sometime. I'll definitely send you a message when I plan to go. Please do the same. Peter
  5. Davey
    2012-12-10 03:24 AM
    I have a collection. I commute a couple of days a week to NJ over the Ben on my 36,

    Here i have 2 * 20's 1 * 29 and 1 * 36. I trashed my 24 doing small drops.

    Last week my achievement was hopping up the art museum steps
  6. PeterH
    2012-12-10 02:43 AM
    It would be awesome to get to ride with someone. There really isin't too many unicyclers around the Philadelphia area. By the way, what kind of unicycle(s) do you have? I just recently purchased a 24'' Nimbus Oracle w/ Bengal Disc Brake. It's pretty awesome!
  7. Davey
    2012-12-10 01:48 AM
    Hay Peter i would love to catch up. Least year about this time i was riding a bit up that way. To get hold of me during the week email me at Davey.rance@gmail.com

  8. PeterH
    2012-12-09 07:32 PM
    Hey Davey,

    I'm a unicycler from Willow Grove, about 15 minutes outside Philadelphia. I ride muni all the time at Valley Green in Fairmount Park. It'd be cool to have a riding buddy.

    Peter H

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