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2010-06-25, 08:17 AM
Trials and Muni weekfor beginners and advanced!

Great opportunities to build the coolest track that can even be permanent. Come to Salling, north of Skive and join in on the first unicycle camp.

Teachers are some of Denmark's best for trials and muni.

Event will be at the Circus Factory
The unicycles have all ways been part of the circus camp. Now we have been able to build an outdoor arena with lots of trials opportunities and obstacles.

Week 31 will be focusing on unicycling. To participate in this event you should beable to ride on unicycle and hop a little. Are you a beginner and have to start from scratch and want to learn to ride trials, this is the place to be.

Extreme sports on Unicycle
Beginner trials: On this team, anyone who can ride and jump, get involved. On this team we work towards a show in the circus tent on the last day. If you work in a children's circus, it would be cool to have trials act in your performances.
Intermediate Trials: For those riders who already ride trials. For you it will be a week with lots of fun and challenges. You will help build your own obstacles. There will be presentations of how you can build a path and there will be ample opportunity to challenge each other. During the week we build our own indoor track and a permanent track outside.
Muni / Trials: Have you heard of DOTFMW? Andy Cotter has a muni/trials course in his backyard. We will try to copy some of this in the area around the Circus Factory. There is pleanty of posibilitys. When riding the track you decide your route, depending on how good you are on your unicycle.

There are plenty of challenges during the week. We end the week with races on the crosscountry crack, show at our indoor trial court, and show in the circus tent.

From Sunday the 1st August there is accommodation from 13:00. There will be briefing at 16.00 with some demonstrations by teachers. After that we start. The whole week working in various groups and we are working toward display and run on Friday, where we invite the audience outside.

There will be food served three times a day and while the afternoon there will be fruit. The price is DKK 1400, - for the whole week, all incl.
Accommodation takes place in packed tents or caravans.

See also under practical information on this website http://circuscamp.eu/
Watch YouTube video (this is from DOTFMW - our inspiration): YouTube- Unicycle
Join the Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112260658810007
Lars Lottrup - has won unicycle Danish Nationals more than 20 times.
Jesper Møller Andersen - Denmark's probably best municyklist. He travels around Europe sparsely to participate in the muni ran all sorts of places.
Nikolaj Moestrup - One of Denmark's top cyclists within trials. Many people know Nikolaj from "Denmark got Talent 2009".

We hope to see some international riders.


2010-07-30, 12:15 PM
Looking so much forward to it! :D