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2009-10-19, 12:09 PM
Hi everybody,

With 2 classmates we shooted and directed this video at the French unicycle Cup, in Reims.
This is only a trailer, 1 minute long, 2 longer video are coming soon (one of 5minutes, an other of 15 minutes) ...


It was the first unicycling competition filmed with some kind of professional stuff, 2 HD cameras, home made dolly (for travelling), and a Nouma (we call it a "grue" in french, I don't exactly know in english);
thanks to the France Unicycling Federation and to the association Festivisuel for their support.

ENJOY and post comments !

Kevin Marin
Vasipaulette's team

2010-02-07, 11:12 AM
For a homemade video, it is pretty good. I especially like the introduction, it looks professional.

I hope I was able to witness a fest like the Unicycle cup.

2010-04-22, 01:59 PM
Pretty good?
In my opinion it was great!
Waiting for the big one...

2010-04-27, 01:48 PM
The original post was from October 19, 2009. Did the longer videos ever get made?

2010-04-30, 08:14 AM
Yes, the 5min was posted here :
(thread Unicon XV video contest)
Still waiting to work on the 15min with my work mate ... should be done in mid-june ! :confused:

2010-05-03, 08:18 AM
You can find it in the thread "Unicon XV video contest" :