View Full Version : Unicycling the World's Most Dangerous Highway

2009-05-29, 03:53 AM
On the 10th of March 2009 I climbed on my unicycle and started out on my 59km journey down the World's Most Dangerous Highway in Bolivia. Apparently I was the first to accomplish this on a unicycle! I'm sad to say that I really didn't find it all that dangerous... Starting at 4700 meters it took me 6 hours to ride to the bottom, a total of 3700 meters vertical drop!

The planning stages of this trip have proven to be the inspiration for what appears to be the first commercial unicycle tour company in the world. You can see pictures of this and more of my unicycling in Bolivia on the website unicycleadventures.com


I appreciate all and any feedback. Suggestions and ideas are always welcomed.

Sep Shanks