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2008-11-07, 10:42 AM
It's not longer a rumor, it is a fact now and some of you are still signed in, the first EUC (http://www.e-u-c.info) will happen together with WuKo IV at the 23./24./25. of January 2009. As always there is a limited number of participants for the winter edition so don't think to long about it, sign in! At www.e-u-c.info (http://www.e-u-c.info) you will find the most needed information and there you still can sign in.
Die EUC in Cologne is sponsored by municycle.com (http://www.municycle.com), Kris Holm Unicycles (http://www.krisholm.com), KOXX ONE (http://www.koxx-one.com/), QU-AX (http://www.qu-ax.de), apex (http://www.apex-systeme.de), Abenteuer Halle Köln/Kalk (http://www.abenteuer-halle.de) and unicycle.tv (http://www.unicycle.tv), the GUNF (http://www.gunf.org) is responsible for the competitions.

So don't wait, sign in! A ticket to EUC/WuKo was also a great succes as Christmas present last year.

2010-02-08, 06:57 PM
5 days!

2010-02-17, 02:11 PM
EUC Winter edition 2010 (http://http://picasaweb.google.de/ElkFotografien/EUCWunschk2010?authkey=Gv1sRgCOe2sI3zvLbgtAE&feat=directlink)


2010-02-20, 05:13 PM
No results online yet?
Any idea when they will be?

2010-02-20, 07:44 PM
Tomorrow they should be all online. I had to go to Berlin for a business trip direct after EUC so I cant do it before, sorry.

2010-02-22, 01:17 PM
Someone pointed me to your site because of my new music video. Loved what I found and thought you might like to take a look at the connection we have.

Thanks and keep rolling,
Jefferson Fox

the video: YouTube- 'Simpleton' - Jefferson Fox (Official Video)