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2006-07-16, 09:27 PM
Anyone have any tips on how to make a sun seat more comfy and if not, do u have any ideas on where to get a miyata or torker lx seat?

2006-07-16, 10:12 PM
I don't believe the Sun seat has a removable seat cover so turning it into an air seat would not be practical.

The Miyata and Torker LX seats have a unique bolt pattern that attaches the seat to the seatpost. You can't fit the Miyata saddle or Torker LX saddle on a seatpost not designed for the Miyata or Torker LX saddle.

There are two bolt patterns that are in common use. The Miyata bolt pattern and the Schwinn/KH bolt pattern. Most every unicycle uses the Schwinn/KH bolt pattern now. Municycle.com has a picture comparing the Miyata with the Schwinn/KH bolt pattern (http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=8&products_id=246&osCsid=74ed59d10c40801ddd67827c2ac421da).

If the Sun has the normal Schwinn/KH bolt pattern then you're going to want to get a saddle that fits your existing seatpost. Maybe a UDC gel saddle or a KH saddle.