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2006-04-21, 08:32 PM
Hey every body I have a friend that has a Unicycle and I tried it out its pretty fun and I was looking to get into it but buying one is like 160$ and I want to learn before I buy a 160$ cycle or get a used one which is my question does any body have a used unicycle in good shap thats just a basic one to learn on or know a site that they have cheap or used ones? And any info would be great since im new to this.

Oh and if any one knows how to make one I can make one but I dont know how i would get the peddals connected to the rim of the tire so you have to peddal thanks

Thanks in advance

2006-04-21, 08:53 PM
no body wants to help me?

2006-04-21, 09:00 PM
Its not that we don't want to help, cause all of us do =p but just where you posted doesn't get much coverage from other people on this site =p

For a good cheap learners unicycle, try your LBS (local bike store) they probably carry the torker products, and the Torker LX is a great uni to learn with, and it costs only 100 dollars, also at UDC (unicycle.com) you can look at some from there, if you really want a cheap uni though, you'll have to look on-line, at ebay or other sites like that.

I cant help you about the making of a uni though, i don't know anything about making one, but its something ill learn sometime, then try to make my own, thats gonna be fun =p

Oh! Welcome to the forums!:D

2006-04-29, 06:40 PM
i got my first uni on ebay for like 90 dollars, it was a torker and lasted me a really long time. In fact it lasted me about 3 years, it just recently died.