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2005-08-15, 02:02 PM
On the way back from mountainbiking, I was seeing how fast I could get my brother's bike to ride (on the cycle-track) and I was going pretty fast when I saw an elder couple, also on bikes infront of me, so I reached for my bell, and rang it. They didn't budge an inch so I rang it again, thinking they hadn't heard it, I did this 3 times untill the man finally turned around, he looked at me and just kept cycling, making it impossible for me to pass them, I was still on high speed. It wouldn't have been possible to break in time, so I steered into the grass verge, and back to the track, muttering various curses under my breath. Instead of apoligizing, the man had the guts to say I shouldn't cycle so fast.

Sorry to say this, but people like that should be locked up in a tiny steel box. I thought we had traffic rules for this? He didn't move aside for my dad either, who was cycling a bit behind me. (Afterthought)


2005-08-15, 06:01 PM
Slower traffic keep right. Most everyone on trails around here yields to faster traffic. I can't stand when people think it's their job to police everyone else. The kind of people who get into the "fast" lanes on the highway and drive 5 miles under the limit just to be sure everyone is late to where ever they may be going.

2005-08-15, 06:15 PM
run 'em over!!

Brian MacKenzie
2005-08-15, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by James_Potter
run 'em over!!

And if you were on a Coker, you sould barely feel it :)

2005-08-15, 07:02 PM
Follow him to his house.....the rest is your creativity.

2005-08-15, 07:40 PM
I rarely bother with cycle tracks on the bike, because of all the slow things on them like "other people", and the higher quantity of debris and irritating bumps. I instead choose the Express Cycletrack, generally built parallel with the normal cycletrack (nice of them to do that, I thought); it's generally much wider, smoother and has a big white striped line down the middle so you'll never have a problem with cyclists going the other way.

Even better is that there are absolutely loads of Express Cycletracks all over the place, so you can go practically anywhere on them. They're great!

On a more serious (well, sortof) note, I've just got my bike back from having a softer spring put in the fork; it's blummin' great, it is.