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2005-07-15, 01:18 AM
i just started unicycling and have never riden one before. my friend who has been uni-ing for about 2 years recomended i start with a norco 20" and a KH saddle. anyways im just lookin for one to ride around on and have a little fun with nothin special it cost me $170 cnd. it rides fairly well from what i can tell and it seems sturdy cuz im a big guy and it supports me with no problem. anyways i just wanted to kno if it was a good buy or if not some better ones to choose.. BTW plz dont recommend unicycle.com cuz i dont want to pay all those shipping costs so im looking for a place in southern ontario to buy one if any so canadians would be most helpfull. many thanks in advance


2005-07-15, 01:38 AM
Darren Bedford (http://www.bedfordunicycles.ca/) in Toronto is the guy you want to talk to. His website isn't the greatest, but he returns phone calls and emails promptly.