View Full Version : [F-f-f-forsale] Brand new quax hub with 127mm cranks

Evan Byrne
2005-06-29, 06:07 PM

Forsale, brand spakin new quax hub, in box, 80 bucks.

2005-07-02, 11:02 PM
and where did you get this? I'm curious. I don't have money, but I need a hub for my trials. ( I'm aware of the fact it's a 48 hole hub)

Evan Byrne
2005-07-02, 11:25 PM
bought it from UDC.

2005-07-07, 08:43 PM
I might be interested. I will get back to you. Email me

2005-07-16, 10:33 PM
Sounds like a good deal. PM me with details on the hub or you email address.

2005-08-01, 11:43 PM
im very interested pm me and tell me if u have aim or email..

Evan Byrne
2005-08-02, 05:10 PM
I am bumping the price to 100

2005-08-05, 03:15 AM
haha! As soon as people are interested you bump the price. Little hook and lure.