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2005-02-14, 03:34 AM
I am happy to announce that the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005 (OUI'05) will be held 28-29 May 2005 right here in Canada's capital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The web site is up at http://carlroth.net/oui05/ . Check back often as updates will be posted once details are finalized. Registration is not yet available but will be soon.

Be sure to check out the OUI'04 highlights video to see what a good time we had last year.

The plan for this year is to add a Muni Race and a Jousting demo/competion to the Trials , High jump and Long jump competitions. We will also end the weekend with a group Street/Trials ride in downtown Ottawa. Lastly, we have a backup indoor facility booked in case of rain.

Stay tuned for more details and hope to see you all there.

C. Roth
Director OUI'05
(613) 293-5856

2005-02-14, 03:46 PM
I think that this is a great event and would love to be there but I will be taking part in the OTHER really large Ottawa event that week-end. I know that I will be the only one effected, but perhaps as I run by the Uni event I can catch a few seconds of Trials or Muni. Probably the only Marathoner who also rides uni, so no panic. Hope all goes well and lots of people turn out. We need more uniers.

Brian MacKenzie
2005-03-02, 08:51 PM
hey carl, check your PM's!
(i didn't find this thread when I PM'd you)

2005-03-09, 02:47 AM
Be sure to take advantage of the Advance Registration savings by sending your registration in by 7 May. You can download the form at http://carlroth.net/oui05/registration.shtml .

See You In Ottawa In May!


2005-04-27, 12:04 AM
Don't forget to send those early registrations in and save some money.

Advance registrations must be received by 7 May 05.

Here is the registration link: http://carlroth.net/oui05/registration.shtml

Cheers and hope to see you all in Ottawa this May!


2005-05-16, 02:02 PM
Only two weeks away. The place to be on May 28th & 29th. See the website at http://www.carlroth.net/oui05/index.shtml and register now!