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2004-11-23, 11:46 PM
hey A little while ago before I got my new unicycle I had botten this Kh unicycle. Not realizing that it had these really crappy hub and cranks on it that bent the first week i had it so if someone tells you this is a good unicycle ( mainly bike stores that have no I dea) and you plan to do big stuff but to big of stuff dont buy it!!!!!!!!!:D Now the picture is not the actuall unicycle but it shows the evil crappy cranks but not the hub but beleive me its crap toohttp://www.unicycle.uk.com/Images/Shop/kh20standard1.jpg

2004-11-24, 09:55 AM
looks to me like the KH freestyle, in which case it os designed for freestyle not "big stuff" byu which i presume you mean trials. In which case, you probably wanted the KH trials with the splined hub.

2004-11-24, 10:36 AM
I would also like to add that the Wyganowski (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=82), DM Ringmaster Advanced (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=56), and Semcycle XL Long Neck Custom (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=697), are also crap unicycles. If you jump off of picnic tables or loading docks the cranks will bend and the hub will break. They're crap. They can't stand up to real world riding. They aren't worth the money and I can't understand how anyone could ride one without breaking it.


2004-11-24, 05:18 PM
Me neither.

I dont see why anyone would pay $600,$500,or even $339 for a freestyle uni that would break so easy.

what makes them worth so much money?
Im sure if you never left the ground they would be okay,but really......

total uni
2004-11-24, 05:35 PM
dont you get it...?????!!!!!

FREESTYLE!!!!! they are unis made for stuff not highter than like 1 foot..... duh its going to break doing trials on it..

2004-11-24, 06:33 PM
brockfisher05 may be talking about a non-splined KH Trials but posted a pic of the freestyle.

I think there may have been a thread about a BC bike shop that sells the non-splined version too. Don't have time to search right now.

I could be wrong too.

brockfisher05, Can you elaborate on your complaint and specifically which uni you bought?

Edit: This may be the thread I was thinking of. (http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=21250)

2004-11-24, 10:06 PM
Using a KH 20 as a trials uni is like using a Turbo Porsche for the Baja 1000. The Porsche was not made to go off road, nor the KH 20. Those hubs are for a gym floor, and work well there.


2004-11-24, 10:21 PM
this crank and hub setup were on my KH trials uniI got it from A bike store so I kinda was asking for uniformed service on this unicycle I found A picture of it:D

2004-11-24, 10:27 PM
Here it is

2004-11-25, 01:52 AM
I had forgotten that there was/is a KH trials uni for sale through Norco that has a standard hub. A standard hub is not adequate for the big jumps and drops that people like to do with a trials uni.

Just remember that Universe 1 was all done with standard hubs (except for KH's muni). They also broke a lot of hubs and bent a lot of cranks. Back then there were no commercial splined unicycle hubs.

What size bearings does that KH trials frame fit? Can it fit the larger bearings used on a Profile hub or a KH splined hub? If it can fit the larger bearings then you could upgrade to a splined hub.

2004-11-25, 09:16 PM
no it does not fit the right sized bearings for the splind hub you have to get spacers the unicycle in the picture holds a 40mm outer diameter bearing and the splined hub beARINGs nead a 37 mm od