View Full Version : reeder handle and viscount saddle

General Dibbles
2004-11-16, 12:28 AM
I got my reeder handle, i put it on my viscount saddle and a i love both of them, the saddle is so much more comfortable than the kris holm or torker dx saddles in my opinion , and the handle is better than anything i've tried before,

2004-11-16, 11:27 PM
That's good to hear about the handle.

I'm surprised you like the viscount seat, I've never heard anyone say they prefer it over a KH.

General Dibbles
2004-11-17, 02:01 AM
the kh seat would chaffe my inner thighs, and i have no such problem with the viscount saddle

2004-11-17, 04:35 PM
How did you mount it? Got any pics?

General Dibbles
2004-11-17, 09:02 PM
sorry i don't have any pics,

but they way i mounted was i took of the front bumper, positioned the handle where i wanted it, marked the holes, and screwed it into place using the extra screws that came with my viscount saddle, then i cut down the handle so my legs had a little more room

with the way i positioned it, i don't feel much of a difference between holding the handle with my right or left hand

2004-11-17, 09:17 PM
Its mounted with screws, not bolts? I have a reeder on one of my Muni seats but it is mounted with bolts.

General Dibbles
2004-11-17, 09:19 PM
yeah with screws

2004-11-17, 09:32 PM
Never mind (http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=22745). I thought that screws may be susceptible to stripping but apparently machine screws do work.

2004-12-20, 10:27 PM
do you think the handle is woth $40

General Dibbles
2004-12-21, 12:24 AM

2004-12-21, 02:04 AM
i have one and its totally worth it. tons stronger than the kh plastic handle, and with a stiffener plate your saddle is really stiff and better for hopping.