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2004-10-09, 07:02 AM
The following warning was posted on a local MTB mailing list
Heads up while riding Tiger Mt. last night (7:30/8pm or so) with friends, we ran into a cougar. It was crossing the logging road between Preston and NW Timber trails when one of the guys came upon it.

We held our ground as it watched us, paced around a bit in the brush along the side of the logging road. Our bright lights, throwing rocks in its general direction, yelling, ect. had no major affect on it except to stop it from moving closer in on our group. The standoff ended with us slowly hiking our bikes up the hill, backwards, to NW timber trailhead. It was pretty incredible. A great ride. A good time.

So just a heads up to beware while you're enjoying the last days/evenings of Tiger!!!!
Tiger Mountain is one of my favorite local rides. The trails there close for the Winter after October 15th (that's one week away). I really wanted to get in one or two more rides there before the trails close for about 6 months. Now I'm not so sure if it's a good idea to go there right now. The scary part is how the cougar hung around even though it was a group of riders and they were all making noise and throwing things.

Do I go riding there for one last romp before the trails close, or do I wimp out because of a stupid cat?

2004-10-09, 07:13 AM