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2004-08-08, 08:11 PM
I have not tried any uni's other than the normal shiny ones you can buy in any sport-store called beginnerseries at unicycle.com (http://www.unicycle.com). Although I've been riding actively for a bit less than a year now I have found this sattisfactory. I have done a few upgrades to my uni, but not of any great impact. A friend who has the same uni as me and who has been riding for just as long has upgraded his tyre to a Maxxis 20" 2.10 or something like that. For our purposes these bikes are great. What does everybody else think? When do you need a new uni?

2004-08-09, 12:36 PM
You need a new unicycle when your emerging skills damage the old one beyond a reasonable upgrade.

There's probably a more clever way to say that, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

2004-08-10, 07:06 AM
What you say is that when the uni I have starts to fall apart (which it has), I should look for better stuff. But, the only thing I keep breaking is my wheel, so perhaps that is all I should replace?

2004-08-16, 02:12 AM
I upgraded after I had 2 random conversations with 2 riders I met by chance, one in the grocery store and one at the park. Both told me about their experiences breaking numerous cheap uni's before upgrading to something a bit more bulletproof.
Essentially they both told me that I owed it to myself to get a first rate machine and that I wouldn't regret the expenditure.
And now I pass their advice on to you: go ahead...you're worth it!!!

2004-08-21, 05:31 AM
i think your very frisst uni is for learning perposes. but if u want a good unicycle get a torker. ive had one fr bout a year now and it hasnt took a shit on me yet.

2004-08-23, 12:56 PM
That's pretty sound advice. It took me a year to mess up a basic Torker. Mostly when I discovered that riding dirt was what I wanted to do the most, I found the Torker wasn't going to hold up. I upgraded to a piecemeal Uni I got on Ebay, then learned proper maintenance for what I was riding and changed out parts that didn't suit me.

I have a buddy that got one of the lollipop-bearing specials that Unicycle.com had for $49. He rode it to pieces, but while that was going on, he learned what he wanted out of his wheel, and lots of other riders offered advice. He got to try out other folk's wheels here and there. When the $49 uni bit the dust (Bent/cracked/twisted/stripped EVERYTHING except the seatpost, which is still in service) He managed to buy parts here and there from other uni riders and build something that serves pretty well. Still, as has been pointed out above- he's worth a better wheel, and I think his learning curve would've been sharper if he'd gotten a really nice unicycle right off the bat.

2004-09-09, 06:12 PM
It only took me 3 months to snap my torker in half,but it was a LX.
I now have a DX wich is,in my opinion,a good deal.

2004-10-30, 07:16 PM
My beginning uni was a Torker. If you are going to do some basic gym/street riding, then a Torker would be good. The DX would be great for minor freestyle, but if you are planning to do some serious freestyle, don't get it. Torkers aren't really meant for trials, and truly not meant for Muni-ing. If you are getting a new uni, get one that is meant for what you want to do on it.:)

I say to get a new uni when you feel you need to get a new or better one.

2004-10-30, 07:53 PM
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2005-04-07, 06:11 PM
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