View Full Version : Strongest 16" for Trials?

2004-07-08, 09:37 PM
Hey everyone.

I am really thinking about getting a heavy-duty unicycle with a wheel size less than 20" for Trials. Its because I am either too scared to jump up to rubber from crank hangs and pedal grabs or because I just can't jump that high in that way (leaning in to the object and such) What uni should I get???

Is there such thing as a unicycle with a wheel size in between 16" and 20" THAT COULD BE USED FOR TRIALS?

I think that Sun, Jugglebug, and Torker carry 16" unicycles. Are there any 16"ers that can accomodate or come with a wider tire or more heavy-duty components.

Does anyone (like Mike Clark, who I think posts on this forum) know what littler guys like Tony Torchia use/used? I should probably just call Zach Vaughn on that one.

Thankz guys!! I hope to be one of the first females who can pedal grab...actually up to rubber!!!


2004-07-23, 08:05 AM
If that Tony guy is the 8 year old on Universe 2 then that tyre isn't thick enough for trials. Sure you could just buy a 16" for learning to go up to rubber with, and then start trying on the 20". But I would suggest getting soome leg protection with that money (if you don't already have some) if you're scared of doing it on the 20" just going for it. Judging by what I've heard from you your easily good enough to do it.

2004-07-24, 12:56 AM
look, pedal grabs to rubber are easier than they look, especially on a trials cycle. get a 20" and try it a few times. watch KH's video on pedal grabbing (on unicycle.2ya.com) and you'll land it no problem.