View Full Version : ping Jayne ZA

2004-07-04, 05:07 PM
Hey, Jayne ZA, we haven't heard much about your progess lately, how are you doing with the Coker?:confused:

Jayne ZA
2004-07-04, 05:49 PM
Well, due to winter and it getting dark before I get home from work, my practice time has been cut down to, well, nothing other than Thursday nights at the club. I'm up to just over 15 hours saddle time (much more comfy since I invested in a KH seat and cycle shorts) and Saturday, after uni hockey (I cheated and used rollerblades), I got my longest ever ride in - half way across a basketball court.

This was my first session on a basketball court and they are incredible. Nice and flat and the pole is really good as a launch point - no nearby wall to call seductively at you with that siren song of "put your hand on me".

I am so glad that I've been tracking saddle time. If I was to think that I've been doing this since February I'd feel like such a loser. This way I remind myself that I'm still on track for 10 to 20 hours to learn to ride a unicycle.