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2004-06-03, 08:00 PM

hi evyerone!
im thinkin about gettin the 20 Inch Qu-ax Cross Muni
does anyone here have it?
what do u think?
i want a semi sturdy uni
i want to use it for some muni
i baught a like 100 dollar uni for chistmas... well its dead now
i learned how to ride it. now that i do bunnt hops and have even done some muni on it.. well its really really dead
anyways i hope this will work better. im definattly getting the KH seat w/ it
i dont think ill be droing drops more than 1.5 to 2 ft with it. and bunny hopping no higher than like a curb
so if u have this uni or have tried it please tell me what ya think

2004-06-03, 10:37 PM

I friend of my had the uni, his hub or crankes bend by a 50cm drop. I think the Original Suzue is stronger then the qu-ax Suzue.
I woud buy the 10 splinted qu-ax hub, I had dropped 3m with it and nothing broke.


2004-06-06, 11:45 PM
how much does one of those cost?
and can i get one at municycle.com?
i want to do my stuff from that site b/c i have some complicated shipping and billing stuff that i know they can do
(i need it billed to the US and shipped in germany)
or do you know of a place in germany that i can get one?

2004-06-07, 03:23 PM

I don`t know if Roland hat the Original Suzue ask him.
I mean this on http://www.ajata.de/ratshop/offerdetails.php?id_offer=201&from=offers you can get it in germany.


2004-06-23, 06:14 PM
i have a qu-ax 20 and i love it

2004-09-12, 03:32 PM
How is the default seat of Qu-ax cross muni ? How comfortable compared to, say KH? Does it have any kind of handle to have a grip on when jumping etc? Looking at the pictures, it seems there is no proper handle there.

2004-09-18, 03:38 PM
I have a Qu-ax 20 muni, "the new mountain unicycle". and it totally rocks!! the hub can take everything!! I think itīs better to buy that one instead of the cross muni, yhogh itīs quite much more expensive.
the only problem Iīve had with my one is that there has been a play in the hub, (after some high drops). but Iīve fixed it by taking the axle out and hammer it some, so now itīs fit again.

2010-09-04, 09:47 AM
The guys from wheelol apparently use this uni and they do pretty much every thing that could possibly break a unicycle so it should be good:D
Here is a link to their page http://www.wheelol.ch/videos.html

2010-09-04, 10:32 AM
what the heck? why this old thread? and wheelol arn't guys, it is only cedric, and yes he rides for quax, but since a while he uses 26" only...