View Full Version : worst song/video?

2004-02-16, 08:20 AM
what is the Worst song you have ever heard and the worst video or film you have ever seen? I have seen and posted in sofa's thread and noticed no one has done a thread like this.

2004-02-16, 08:26 AM
Film: "Men in White" it's a unfunny soin off from "Men in black" it has jokes like
alien 1:"why did you beam up a horse?"
alien 2: " i was bored of cow"
I managed to control my laughter watching that.It also had a low budget so the alien's were just men in suits bad,bad film.
I can't think what the worst song i have ever heard yet.

2004-02-16, 07:02 PM
Ive seen alot of bad movies but the ones that stand out is a movie called biker boyz and bad bozy 2 was bad too because it drug on and on and on.