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2003-12-24, 12:57 AM

Go here (http://www.karber.net/main/humor/annoy.htm) and look at number 151!

2003-12-24, 01:07 AM
I've seen that before. It doesn't annoy people, though, it just makes them think you're the awesomest person on Earth and everywhere else.

2003-12-24, 01:08 AM
I know it is fun. I like this one:

223. Send people annoying chain forwards with outrageous consequences like "If you don't send this to 300 people in 4 seconds you will die instantly" and then insist that it is true and it happened to your uncle.

2003-12-24, 01:09 AM
And look at #171!! that's good!

2003-12-24, 01:10 AM
Awwww man i actually looked.

2003-12-24, 01:14 AM
I HATE it when people send me annoying chain letters. But if it's one of those ones that has been sent a billion times with all the little >>>'s in it, I copy and paste EVERY SINGLE address into the address bar, so I have roughly a billion of them. Sometimes it doesn't let me send it, though.

2003-12-24, 01:19 PM
I hate the chain letters to. I got a lot of chain letters. Some letters are going about smal children that has got a accident and need a operation. And they are collecting moneu with this e-mail and for everyone wo send this letter the get some money. Thats what they tell. But they didn't tell it is one big lair for collecting e-mails. And this e-mails they use for spam.

So if you get a chain letter. Don't send it to somebody else. It is always for spam.


2003-12-24, 06:13 PM
I practice 134 on a regular basis, and it annoys me!

2003-12-24, 08:34 PM
Then why is your name supertones? Shouldn't it be subtones?
I like those e-mails from people in Nigeria who discovered that they have five hundred million dollars that they want to give away. My parents won't let me take it though, darn.

2003-12-25, 04:10 AM
i'm aspirering to be supertones, then people will be able to hear me..... or maybe I just like the supertones, there a ska band if you've never heard of them, one of my favorites.

Well I went to my grandmas to hang out with my family, it was pretty fun, but grandma wouldn't let us open our presents till christmas, even though we'll be at home and she'll be at her house, oh well, she bakes good cookies so I guess i'll listen to her.

Merry Christmas all.


2003-12-25, 05:10 AM
I used to be a subtone, but then I suddenly became a midtone, and I'm on my way to be a supertone. Or something like that.

We're allowed to open one present Christmas Eve night. I'm about to open mine.