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Klaas Bil
2003-12-13, 06:32 AM
Hi all,

I though you might like a review of my new studded winter tire, a Nokian Mount & Ground W160 26x1.9. The bottom line is that traction on ice is awesome, performance on dry pavement is pretty good, and the studs are low profile super hard carbide. I started by mounting on a patch of clear driveway ice and could immediately tell the tire wasn't going to slip. Riding over patches of ice at intersections on the road is positively casual. This isn't a tire for deep snow because it is too thin, so it is nice that the fluffy snow has melted off the roads. The tire did slip on some compacted snow/slush, but not enough to throw me. Attempts at riding through thicker patches of crud were less successful.

Idling - or, more accurately, my attempts at learning to doing so - went well even though the tire is noisy and weirdly grippy (without interfering) during quick twisting corrections. I expected some studs to fall out, but they held tight. I know, I know: learning to idle on an expensive tire is silly, but I'm happy nonetheless :-)

The tire is smaller than the Kenda 26x2.125 the uni came with. Even so, it rides better with much less tendency to steer downhill on crowned roads and sloped sidewalks. The Nokian was a dream to install, going on easily by hand. For contrast, the Kenda is a nightmare requiring strong lever action even for installation, resulting in damage to the bead! This spring I'm putting on a Hookworm instead.

The tire was $79 (USD) at webmountainbike.com, which has other Nokians on sale as well. Now my LBS has this tire for $69. I chose the Mount & Ground because I use the uni for road riding and didn't want an aggressive tread pattern.

I hope some of you found this interesting. I looked for comments on studded tires before buying this one and couldn't find any.

P.S. The tire really proved itself last night. I rode 4 miles along with the local running club on a "Christmas Lights" run. There was lots of ice on the road but I couldn't feel any loss of traction. I took it easy on sharp turns, though, partly because the new tire feels different in turns and partly because I didn't want to land on ice if I lost my balance and had an UPD. Snow proved more difficult than ice, and there were a couple of times I fell off trying to ride through ridges of hardened slush.


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2004-02-18, 05:16 AM
I saw all the tires at the nokian tires website and they have multiple studded tires all of which look excellent. I wanna buy one but havent yet had the need.

2004-03-14, 03:55 PM
I haven't tried these myself, but bikers usually use the Hakka WXC300 or Extreme 296. Both have some pros and cons but usually people like the WXC more. Not really cheap tires but the studs are high quality and both tires give a lot of grip, even on glare ice.