View Full Version : Park CWP-5 Crank Puller

2002-10-23, 02:06 PM

It works, and since it has no arm, is small enough to slip in the backpack unoticed; it must be coupled with wrench. Only minorly practicle for field use, since you would also need to cart along an extra set of cranks, and, optionaly, a malet or C-clamp.

You can find it HERE. (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=421)



2003-08-28, 08:36 PM
Use a crank tool, don't try the -gear puller from the auto parts store- routine. Fifteen bucks and well worth it.
carjug-I learned the hard way...

2003-09-19, 11:23 AM
I sold my first Park tool crank puller and purchased one of these. With pedals only costing $8cdn at MEC, I'm going to put pedals on all my cranks I have lying around, making changing cranks all that more enjoyable.

I have this tool in my camelback, but I have a 14mm boxend wrench inbetween the two main parts. Keeps it together nicely.

I recommmend this to anybody (with square tapers)