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2002-10-20, 07:26 AM
I bought the SixSixOne knee and shin guards a few weeks ago and they've been great. Although I haven't had any big falls on these pads, I they have protected both the back and front of my legs from 'pedal bites'. They aren't very restricting for the type of riding I've been doing (trials, light freestyle, muni) and they give me heaps more confidence when I'm trying new tricks. They don't have any hard plastic bits on them but the material and padding is really strong. Unlike my old AXO pads with only two straps, these have:

- Materials wrapping all the way around the leg from the ankle to above the knee
- 7 different straps to keep them really still all the time
- Really strong outer material to avoid rips and tears from falls
- Strong padding in three vertical strips for the lower leg and two horizontal strips for the knee

I would recommend these to anyone who takes their riding reasonably seriously or just wants to know that if they fall, they won't get hurt.

I would rate these pads 9/10 (the one mark off is because they get quite hot, but from what I gather this is normal)

2002-10-20, 07:33 AM
...and the front.

2002-10-20, 07:38 AM
Although I like the 661's more than bare skin, I would have to reccomend the Roach DH pads over the 4x4's. The Roach pads are much tougher, have (in my opinion) better straps, you can get custom colours, and they are made in BC. I've been riding with the sixsixones for about 6 months now and they are pretty ripped up. I've had to sew up many a hole, and re-attach many a strap. I still rate these 7/10.


2002-10-21, 05:24 AM
how much are pads of this kind?

2002-10-21, 05:54 AM
They're $39US on unicycle.com but I couldn't tell you how much they are in Australia. I got mine with a discount because I work at the local bike shop. They're at least less than $80AUD.

2002-11-15, 12:48 AM
i have 661's but i would perfer to buy the fox shin guards . thier made of this special spandex stuff , so it won't chaffe at all.

2002-12-03, 02:24 AM
I disagree with Justin, and Agree with Dylan. These are good pads, but mine have been patched and sewn so much, there is little original material:D . Umm, However, they protect the leg very well, and mine have become like a second skin, they feel so "homey" I like them alot. plus now SixSixOne gives me 50%off, so i'll probably buy a new set, also mainly because now roach stuff is made in Taiwan or somewhere like that :( Anyways, the new "BLUE" kind (not orange) look to be sturdier than the older style, so i'll have to give them a go,

i rate these... 8/10
cuz i'm nice:)


2002-12-03, 07:22 PM
i have a pair of Norco "drop" pads which are identical in every way to the 661 pads in the above picture.

they had packaging that said "Norco" all over it but the actual pads have nothing writen on them but a label on the inside that says "Activa"

the problem with these pads is that they don't protect your ankle,

i used to ride with football shinpads that had realy good ankle protection, so when i got these pads i just cut the botoms off the footbal pads and use them with the Norco pads.

2002-12-05, 05:36 PM
When doing heavy trials/trails I ride with SixSixOne Knee and Shin Guards combined with the Ankle Biters. The only complaint I have from these pads is the amount of time it takes to put them on. Other than that... it's all good

Scott Smith
2003-02-16, 07:19 PM
I bought the sixsixone pads a while back but have yet to use them on the trails. the only thing i would suggest is that if youre tall and skinny these pads may be a problem for you. im 6' 1" and i bought the mediums and they come way over my ankle and the above the knee attachment is still slacky. To correct this i just used the bottom of some soccer shin gaurds around my ankle. ive also heard that it hurts on the back of your leg. you can just wear shin gaurds backwards. i dont remember who told me that.

2003-02-18, 10:17 PM
Do Six Six One have a website? I googled, but to no avail.

I'm tempted by these, not to protect my legs when i fall, but so i can stick some nasty looking pedals on, and I think it'll help with my general confidence on the uni too.

They're not in stock at unicycle.uk.com till the 21st anyway so i have some more time to think about it.

2003-02-18, 10:35 PM
Originally posted by Gumbo
Do Six Six One have a website? I googled, but to no avail.
www.sixsixone.com forwards you to http://www.vsportgroup.com/