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Felix' panamerica tour
I am doing a tour from Montreal to the south. Basically I start here and I have a return ticket from Buenos Aires in one year. I will see how far I am really going to ride, otherwise I will probably hitchhike or take a bus.
See you around,
View of Mississippi and downtown Minneapolis
One of three tunnels on the train to trail project "Elroy - Sparta trail" in Wisconsin
Jeff Hanson, joining me for the ride Milwaukee - Madison (145 km/ 90 Mi) 
Thanks for the nice day, Jeff!
Ferry crossing to the United States of America
Slow moving vehicles
Caution, tractors and cows hitting the wall at low speed!
Caution, Trucks hitting a wall at high speed!
Niagara Falls II
Niagara Falls I
Taking my wheel apart to make the transport to Germany easier. Thank you so much, Johannes, for lending me your unicycle (wheel + frame) 
On the road (bike path)
Thanks Jim, for the mirror!
Thanks to the unicyclist who left this jar of peanut butter at college de Maisonneuve!
Second night camping out
My setup at the start in Montreal

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