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Renowned series - episode 4

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  • Renowned series - episode 4

    Here you go, enjoy guys

    [ame=""]RENOWNED SERIES - EPISODE 4 - YouTube[/ame]

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    I can't believe this went a whole day without any comments.
    Great riding. All the Renowned Series videos are great. Thanks for putting them together. I love these collaborations.


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      this should have more comments!!
      Really nice edit Emile,
      good riding and crazy flatcombo's
      Sponsored by And IMPACT UNICYCLES!!

      Last street vid
      summer street 2010

      last trial/street vid: Tim Desmet- end of 2010 unicycling!

      Impact vid:


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        WOW!!! Totally solid video.

        Keep up the good work.


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          Yay another flat vid.
          (Not my fault xD)

          Loved that fulloutspin off the wall to 90 pedal grab thing Tim.
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          Sauron Zerg
          You're so noob you prehop before you prehop!
          Its not about the tricks you do, its how you use them



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            Thank you guys!

            Originally posted by unicycledood View Post
            Yay another flat vid.
            Yes, unfortunately, I had a few issues with riders and receiving clips so it turned out to be an unbalanced crew. (*cough Chris H *cough *cough ) Episode 5 should be more balance riding style wise.
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              Tim i love you

              Tim I you made me love this video! Your riding is so big and techy and still has a style that makes everything look hard! I love it man!!

              Emile great job with the edit, the music fits it quite nicely
              TEAM FUN