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Winter euc 2011 - video

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    I wasn't proposing it should be called the reverse maxwhip, I just wanted to make sure people knew it was a different trick.
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      Awesome! Some nice stuff... And I can see myself filming adriens seat whip lol

      Great job... Was nice to spend new years and the few days with you in germany! Shame that I could not stay until EUC

      I gotta go... Left Europe for a reason... Work... And I've been working for a few days without sleeping! lol

      Hope to see you soon!

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        Lol I thought it was you Pedro, that was my fave part ;p
        Sauron Zerg
        You're so noob you prehop before you prehop!
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          Really nice video guys, love the combo's of coasting/wheel walking and rolls. also great street stuff.

          About Adriens trick -

          I believe it should be called a "Uni Flip". Or "Uni forward Flip". as it is the whole uni flipping over.

          unlike a seat whip where (if executed correctly) the pedals should stay parralell to the ground and the seat whip around the wheel set.

          Just my opinion. Also thats what i WILL be calling them :P just makes more sense in my own head. so fowards and backwards seat whips and forwards and backwards uni flips. (when executed correctly) otherwise they are sketchy versions of either :P
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            Uni Flip is an appropriate name for this trick..

            But the backwards one will forever be a Maxwhip to me
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              just call it a maxwhip...
              it may be a bit different than max's maxwhip, but it is the same trick.. the seat makes a flip around the wheel..
              and certainly no other name because there is a crankflip(?) in it!!
              max also did a half of a crankflip in his whip

              sick vid!!
              good editing and riding
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                nah, 'reverse-prehop-backward sif-maxwhip' is a good name i reckon
                TEAM DIRTY NEEDLEZ!!!


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                  just call it a seat whip and it's all good
                  Funky Boy


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                    thanks for the comments.

                    bobousse is right! stop this discussion about the trick name.


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                      First, I love this video. The editing is very clean, smooth and had great style. Second, the name of what Adrien landed. I know the discussion should stop about the name but I think it should be called a Forwards Uniflip. It's the name that makes the most sense but in the end I think it should be up to Adrien to name it.

                      Again, I loved the video no matter what we call the trick.


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                        some euc bail



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                          Originally posted by bobousse View Post
                          just call it a seat whip and it's all good
                          hahaha we finally agree 100% on something


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                            some more vid from euc:

                            This is Janna & Till Wohlfarth