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      Ah I was about to post that ^.

      Anyways cool video shaun, makes me want to get out and ride again (I havent rode one time since getting back from naucc in July).
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        We need more publisity for unicycling. I think Shaun is doing well.
        Sauron Zerg
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          Congrats Shaun. This is a really good vid and it's sweet that it is getting so much publicity.


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            Originally posted by unifreak7
            Mawesome, you just got Luke in a LOT of trouble. Congrats!

            This is the most highlighted video made. That's the idea. I'm not putting pesonality in it anymore, i'm growing up on the idea of filming now. Nothing really funny anymore.

            Mawesome, also nothing new was in this video. I've flipped to rail before, treydoubles have been done, Justin has blunted park rails before, 7spins, years old, manny pad stuff was easy, so yeah. Nothing new in this video. Cept the stupid trick big backflip. Idiotic trick. That was my hop btw, I didn't care.

            The music means a lot to me, it has an emotional attachment, so I figured it would be best. But yeah, it was kinda tough to edit to.

            Appreciate all the good comments even some bad (but i'm not really make videos anymore). This video is for me and people seeing the extreme side of things. That's why the e-mails and myspace address are in it. This vid will be in a lot of places within a few days.

            -Shaun Johanneson
            why no personality? i think that makes the video just that much more interesting...
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