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EUC Winter 2014: Aftermovie

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  • EUC Winter 2014: Aftermovie

    Guys and girls, after a few editing and color-grading days(And lot's of software problems..:P) i finally managed to upload a little Aftermovie from EUC Winter Edition 2014 in Cologne...

    For all participants from EUC: Thank you all for such some great great days during the long and boring riding-allone winter days, it was just great to meat up and ride with you..
    Thank's for a great atmosphere and some really nice motivation for all other riders...

    To all other people out there which unfortunately couldn't come to EUC:
    Just chill down, turn the volume up and watch some moments of one(if not the) best communities in the world <3

    Hope you enjoy the video and sorry for some noisy pictures sometimes, it wasn't really bright all the time and so i needed to turn up the ISO..

    Greetings Fabian..
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    Awesome, dude! Thanks for putting that together.


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      :d +1 :d
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