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GRINDING + VIDEO tutorial request

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    Originally posted by Jerrick
    Ill guess ill chime in a bit more now.

    On flat ledges and rails, grinding has been easy. Sometimes I get stuck, but its like going into a pedal/crank grab with speed.

    When I moved to something that was slanted, it was a whole different grind. One thing I noticed, was that I really had to hold onto the handle, and pull up on it. If I let my arm slack off, I let my uni slack off, and it droops down, which isnt good as this can hit the tire into the ledge or rail, and your foot to come off the pedal.

    Another thing, which has been said, is to lean forward a bit, and that really comes with confidence. If you dont commit, most likely youll body will move backwards as your uni grinds forwards.

    Really its a lot of mentality. Stay focused and committed to the jump, the grind, and getting out of it, and with practice youll be doing fine. Dont be committed, and youll notice your foot coming off the pedal, your body leaning backwards, and even when making it to the end of the grind, your not in a position to be able to slide or hop out of it and land.
    You've seen me grind, haha I do all that and can stay to the end of the grind i just can't get down... I need to work on hopping down from ledges and stuff from my crank so i can actually stick that stupid grind at that park! I still hate you for sticking it before me
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      Originally posted by Grinn
      That course looks like a lot of fun! You should post more pics when you get the rail up.
      Got my rail up today... Here is some more picture of our course. It just keeps on growing, and growing. May not be as scarey as some of the stuff you guys have, ( we are limmited to a 26 inches high) but we like just the same.

      Main intersection...


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        I am so jealous!! we live in the town, so we dont have much land, and our backyard is shared and we're wicked low on $$$ with 4 sitsers who don't uni/!!!!
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          Would I practice crank grabs on a flat ledge, then a hand rail? Then would I just go for it? Does it take long to learn to an average rider. (Everyone has different learning times but how long did it take you?)
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            Does it trash your bearing caps and cranks? Do you protect them with anything?

            do you grind on just the pedal or just the crank or is it both?


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              When grinding rails do you just use your pedal or do you grind on your crank too?


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                On rails you use just your pedal so then you can hook the rail.
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