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Freemount and dismount 24" uni

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    Hi Vertigo,

    I'll be in Seattle the 2nd and 3rd week of August, so maybe I'll see you on the 20th? How do you like the unicycling class? I sure wish I could find something like that in L.A.!


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      I will probably be able to show up on the 20th. Hopefully I'll see you then.

      Class has turned out to be a mix bag. I signed up for it a week after I purchased my uni thinking I'd never be as far along as I am. When I mentioned the class to the guys at SAURs they seemed a bit skeptical. Part of it was the cost. I'm sure they were thinking about the equipment they could buy for the money I paid to get in the class.

      We have a good teacher who also teaches at SANCA. He's got some good exercises including one that's helping me get the feel for sharper turns.
      He's also encouraging me to stop waving my arms around for balance. I need to depend more on my core strength.

      The space where the class is held isn't ideal. It's a brick walk way in front of an auditorium door not too far from the sidewalk on a busy street. There's a constant flow of people strolling by that I try to dodge or wait until they pass. They don't give us much notice ... including not getting out of the way! Really for my skill level there's not enough empty space and too many people milling about. Maybe you'll pass by the area when you come to Seattle. It's on Broadway in a neighborhood called Capital Hill. If you know about the neighborhood you'll understand why three women learning to unicycle on a campus side walk is not the oddest thing you'll see there. Most of the odd characters in the city hang out there.

      I've thought about saying something but I'm not sure there are other options.
      The other two students are absolute beginners that don't have their own unicycles so they don't know what it's like to learn on a nice smooth surface with few people around. I'm really spoiled with some really nice places close to my house.