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    nike 6.0's low or mid top are the best shoes ever for uni or muni. today i got a pair of chuck taylor converses and they arent to bad just too grippy


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      Oneal Rampage shoe

      Good for flat/trial/muni, doesnt matter. Provides extreme grip on my pedals (MG-1) and quite stiff/good control for rolls.
      I even ride freestyle with them.
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        Shoes? I sometimes go barefoot but when I wear shoes I wear my old running shoes.


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          I use vans checkerboards (ones in my profile picture). they have a diamond pattern underneath and that kinda locks in comfortably to the pins in my pedals
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            Chuck Taylors do me good. Although mine have ripped in a few places they are actually double layered and reasonably thick and sturdy.


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              I use skate shoes. DC's.. They have done the best for me so far. Around 3 months to wear through them.. That in contrast to 3 pairs in 3 months is pretty good. I do wish they had a little stiffer bottoms, but that is going to be pretty similar with all skate shoes ....
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                i'm using nike 6.0 air mogan, best shoes ever for flatland
                all others shoes are destoyed in only one month
                those last me three/four months
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                  I wear some $7 sneakers that I got half price... $3.50. They're great for anything but flatland, good grip, but no padding on the sides. They're lasting just great, though, 2 months and no wear at all.
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                    I dont like skateboarding shoes, my feet slip off the pedals while doing trials

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                      What ever skates shoes are on sale at Big 5 when I need shoes.

                      You say your feet are slipping when you use this sole:


                      What pedals are you using? Metal pins should stick in those holes like glue. I avoid that sole because of how well they grab my foot. I like it a little easier to adjust my foot.


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                        I don't like those half cabs. Wore out way to quick and the grip sucked (I guess my pedals didn't like it).
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                          ftw. these are plenty grippy for me. mine are even extremely worn from gliding and they're still grippy.

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                            GoGo Converse!

                            The grip is light, but just enough that you don't lose your feet at high speeds, but not grippy enough so that you can't re-position your feet or simply take your feet off for any reason.


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                              I use these shoes

                              they're nike paul rodriguez 2s. Mine are like the picture but they have red laces I've tried running shoes, but they didn't have enough ankle protection for me, so I switched back to these
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                                For MUni, I love my Salomon xa Pro shoes. They are lightweight, ventilated, grippy, and they have just the right amount of stiffness. Also, they are thick enough around the ankles that they protect from bashing on the crank.

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