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  • Funny noise

    I just bought a second hand kris holm unicycle! its pretty cool and is a really nice ride
    It makes this funny noise when riding tho, think its the spokes ribbing past eachother where they cross as tried moving them and it made that noise. Is there any way to sort this? can u tighten the spokes?
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. started a month or so ago and love it

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    hey, I had the same problem with my KH. I was advised to wax the spoke intersections, but i didnt have any wax, so used petroleum jelly/vaseline which worked well. Though I think in time the noise will go away.

    here's the thread:
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      Thats great Ill try doing that tonight. Was reading that thread and some of the replies said to tighten the spokes, how is this done?
      Also how do you tell what model of Kris Holm you have, does it say on the frame anywhere because im not sure what model I have1


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        i think the hub colour if its blue i think it would be 2007 or later. if it black i think i would be 2008. but i'm not sure i ride a nimbus.
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