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    Originally posted by heelnipper View Post
    how do i land big drops without hurting my ankles i read somewhere to put the tire out infront some but everytime i do it i go backwords any help is awsome

    -that dude with dreads
    Some people arent born with great ankles! (me!)
    What I did to build the muscles when I was rock climbing all the time was to get a 2x4 and place it on the ground,
    Put your toes/ball of your foot on the board and rise up onto the board as high as you can reach.
    I did it 20x's for three sets (a minute rest between each set) once a day and then when that felt easy I held dumbells
    It really helped with hiking and rock climbing, and at work as an automechanic, my feet and back dont hurt anymore.
    The muscles you build with this will help your legs take the shock and not the joint
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      Originally posted by stotty1991 View Post
      bump this thread, has anyone got any more advice as im still almost spraining my ankle for when i do drops 1.5m+ im running a happy medium pressure, lower seat height so i have room to compress and bounce out but it just doesnt seem to be enough for me
      I had been consistently spraining my ankles for a good year, a real problem, until I decided to video myself and compare it to a lot of YouTube videos of aggressive riders doing large drops.

      1) center the pedals in the middle of your feet
      2) keep forward momentum going off the drop and lean your upper body forward a bit
      3) keep your butt off the seat on your way down, pedals parallel to the ground before you land and let your legs cushion the force (imagine if you jumped off without a unicycle and how this looks, it should be a similar action)

      Whenever I do a large static drop or lean back I inevitably sprain my ankle. Hope this helps for anyone reading this thread and looking for a solution to what for me had been a chronic and frustrating problem of constant sprained ankles
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