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  • Vital Wombat, I also started with the same unicycle - I bought mine for $10 on Gumtree. =)

    Great unicycle to start on, I believe the size - 20" is ideal for adults who are first learning.

    My Crane uni - I found it started making odd noises and I needed to tighten the cranks fairly regularly. The saddle also became quite uncomfortable once I could actually stay on for a while (I ended up putting a pair of thick socks over the top and buying cycling shorts).

    I upgraded once I could really ride (same wheel size, but a trials unicycle) and have only ridden my old unicycle once since.
    Dave, Sydney Australia
    20" Nimbus Trials
    20" Impact Trials
    27.5" MAD4ONE Muni


    • Here are my bikes

      Hi all,
      I am a new forum member, & have been riding Unicycles for about 6 months, but in that time I have managed to collect 4 bikes already:

      I started with a 20" Freestyle.
      Next came a 20" x 5 foot Giraffe.
      Then came the 29" Muni (my favorite bike)
      lastly I bought a big wheel 36" KH tourer.

      I'm hoping to meet up with any riders interested in Muni for off road fun

      Cheers all,


      • You should make a trip to Sydney for Nationals September 30-October 3rd. We have Muni


        • Originally posted by Snoopy 16 View Post
          I have managed to collect 4 bikes already:

          Then came the 29" Muni (my favorite bike)
          Calling a unicycle a bike is a major faux pas.

          Bike is a contraction of bicycle. Bi means two, cycle means wheel, as in "two wheels".
          Triton 36" + 29" | KH 29" | KH 26" | KH 27.5" Muni | Nimbus eSport Race 24" | Torker LX 24" | Qu-Ax Luxus 20" | Qu-Ax Profi 20" | KH / Impact 19" hybrid


          • Welcome! How are you enjoying magpie season?
            Unicycling is the fountain of youth.


            • Name for new cycling group

              Hey everyone
              Can someone suggest me name for cycling group.


              • Hello

                Hello all!
                My first post on this forum!
                I'm a 40 yo (nearly 41!) female who just started learning from late July this year with the Parramatta Unicycling club. I've been riding @agapes $10 Aldi unicycle
                I've very nearly got the freemounting down pat.

                Next I guess would be nice to participate in the unicycling hockey, (only started riding carrying a stick for the first time on Friday) and transitioning from cycling to hopping and vv.

                Nice people in the Parramatta club! And the kids are truly impressive.

                My big learning takeaway... Wear some sleeves cause one day I was wearing a sleeveless dress and happened to take a fall....
                A happy Sydneysider, will I go to the next Unicon?


                • Adelaide
                  DRS Solo Exp 20 inch
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