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  • crank to pedals transition

    Ok then... I'm currently learning how to leg wrap. I've got the wrap bit sorted but I'm a bit unsure of getting from the cranks to the pedals.

    Should I land my wrapping foot on the crank, or on the pedal? I understand that to do the more complex stuff like rolling wraps etc it should go back to the crank but, for now, I just want to stall, legwrap, and carry on cycling.

    I've tried both. If I land on the crank I can do a tiny little mini-hop back onto the pedals. If I land on the pedal with my wrapping foot I have to get my arse on the seat pretty sharpish so I can take the weight off my support leg to get it back on the (rear) pedal.

    Both ways are farrrr from consistent (I only tried it today) so I was wondering if either method is preferred (and if so, why) or if it's just personal choice.


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    All sorted so no need to waste your time on me

    I've been busy for 2 or 3 hours with this (in between cooking, lol) and I'm much more comfortable going to crank and doing a little micro hop to get back on the pedals.

    I can't do the complete legwrap yet but I can do the legwrap to crank and the cranks to pedals as two separate moves, so hopefully I'll have it in a session or two