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"Official" 24" Muni Tire/Tyre Review Thread

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    Originally posted by LanceB View Post
    Greetings all,

    It's been a while since there's been much activity on this thread. I've been looking at lightweight alternatives to the Duro Wildlife Leopard. Seems like the Maxxix High Roller 24x2.50 at 1080g (approx. $70USD) and The Schwalbe Fat Albert 24x2.40 at 695g (also approx $70) are the current best choices. Anyone have opinions on these, and/or other alternative suggestions? Reviews on the mtb forums seem to say that the Maxxis is stickier and has more rolling resistance.

    I offered the Fat Albert to a friend of mine to replace his Duro. It really makes for a different muni way more nimble & lighter. Of course, you trade the strength of the Duro for more technique as the Fat Albert absorbs less but it is a fun change.

    I haven't been able to ride it more than just in a parking lot so I cannot comment about the change. However, we went goofing around in stairs and it was doing good considering the lighter casing (for a 80 kg / 176 # rider).

    I will try and report more when I get to visit him (to be scheduled... ).
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      About 30euro/dollars.
      Apparently they don't ship outside Poland.
      Is there any Polish rider, that's so kind to help me with that?


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        Originally posted by superfunk View Post

        About 30euro/dollars.
        Apparently they don't ship outside Poland.
        Is there any Polish rider, that's so kind to help me with that?


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          Stefan of has it.

          ask him about the shipping costs

          Or ask one of our polish riders. Maybe vookie.
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            I put the Crazy Bob 24x2.35 onto the UDC 24" freestyle rim (26mm wide, internal / 30mm wide external)
            Unfortunately I must have received a bad one with a fault.
            The bead split away from the sidewall after a few minutes riding at 60PSI.

            The Ebay seller has yet to respond, hopefuly Schwalbe will provide some goodwill.
            Lesson learn't = buy from high street shops, or reputable online dealers who take returns.

            It looked great, gripped well (maybe too well) and rolled nicely.
            On the downside the beading and sidewall was wafer thin for a 1,000g tyre.

            I would like to try another Schwalbe to make sure they are OK - but I won't be paying for one if they are not suitable for the rim.
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              The Ebay supplier has offered a full refund.
              Now I need to pick a lightweight, dual purpose road / off road tyre.

              Halo choir boy lite 2.35 / DMR Moto Digger 2.35 / Kenda Krad 2.3 / Schwalbe table top 2.25.


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                Spotted on a Norco Bigfoot 4.3 fat bike:

                Chao Yang Fat Bike Tire 24 x 4in

                Anything new and/or interesting about this one?


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                  The 26" version is heavy and cheap. The 24" is probably the same. I can check at work if I can remember, we have a 24" Bigfoot in stock!
                  Jakob F.


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                    Originally posted by jaco_flans View Post
                    The 26" version is heavy and cheap. The 24" is probably the same.
                    Thanks, Jakob. It seems like "cheap" bike tires have sometimes turned out to be well suited for unicycling--thinking about Luna trials tires, and also the riders who seem to prefer 27 tpi Surly tires over the pricier 120 tpi versions, or Duro Wildlife even. Price-wise, they ain't exactly cheap at $70 each, but I suppose for the amount of rubber you'd be getting...
                    I can check at work if I can remember, we have a 24" Bigfoot in stock!
                    Guess how I knew about this bike, which caused me to wonder about the tires on it?
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                      All around 24 tire.

                      I took the dog for a walk for the first time on a Nimbus 24" muni. It is just the right speed for him. I bought the 24 for my oldest to ride so he could keep up with me on a 26 off road. Now that the youngest is riding I have them both on 19" unis and I have been riding the 24 so the little one can keep up. We will go off road soon but so far it has been in the street, parking lots and parks. I would like a more all around tire than the duro. I have read this thread and others on the forum but still would like more opinions. Price is only a factor because I am on a uni buget to help with marital harmony and I want more unis.

                      CST Cyclops 24x2.4 [ame=""] : CST Cyclops Tire - 24 x 2.4 BLK/BSK : Bike Tires : Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

                      Kenda Keniption 24x2.3

                      Kenda K-Rad 24x2.3

                      Maxxis Holly Roller 24x2.4 [ame=""] : Maxxis Holy Roller BMX/Urban Bike Tire : Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

                      Shwalbe Crazy Bob 24x 2.35 [ame=""] : Schwalbe Crazy Bob Wire Bead Tire, 24 x 2.35-Inch, Black : Bike Tires : Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

                      Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.5 [ame=""] : Maxxis Hookworm BMX/Urban Bike Tire : Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

                      I would also consider a Felt Berm Master but can't find any online. I was surprised the Hookworm is available but it is probably NOS.

                      Thanks everyone

                      "A unicycle is a silly contraption."
                      My wife


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                        I've really enjoyed the Cyclops, on and off road. Like a Hookworm, it wants to slide out sideways on sand, deep mud, and loose snow but it's light and nimble for a tire that size and rolls really well, and on firm surfaces it does fine. And it's hard to argue with the price.


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                          Yes. Can't beat the price on the Cyclops. I will probably go that way unless someone has a great reason to go another way.
                          "A unicycle is a silly contraption."
                          My wife


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                            Maxxis High Roller 24x2.5 versus WildLife 24x3

                            My 24" muni came with a Kenda Kiniption and that has been my main unicycle I have been using for 2.5 years. I was still practicing with a fence beside me when I got it. I used that tire on sidewalks, school tarmac, groomed and not groomed outdoor trails. When it came time to replace it I was told that the Kniption has soft rubber. It did say "stickey" on it's side. Using the Kniption on the tarmac wears it out too quickly. It's meant just for dirt. For the variety of my uses a Maxxis High Roller 24x2.5 was recommended and that was what was put on.

                            Of course a new tire has better grip and I found that I could go up steeper inclines. It could grip varied terrain. I felt no guilt at all riding a km on the sidewalks before entering the ravine paths. Not just the groomed paths but some of the spur paths the kids have created. I used it in the winter on ice, through snow and on snow and ice. After a year of much riding it needed to be replaced. It was definitely better wearing than the Kniption. I was too new to riding to really comment on the Kniption but I really liked the High Roller.

                            A WildLife has been waiting in my basement for awhile but I also picked up a new High Roller. I finally decided to put on the WildLife as my winter tire. One has to be careful to be fair when comparing a new tire with a tire near the end of its life. The WildLife seems to grip the hills a little better. It seems to have a bit more traction on snow and ice. It feels squirmy on pavement but nicely planted on dirt. Maybe thats the psi. I'm hoping that the below freezing weather makes the rubber harder and less susceptible to wear but I mostly avoid pavement.

                            The problem I'm having with the WildLife is I'll just have to use to for non-pavement use if I want to get some longevity out of it. Riding 3 to 5 miles out of town to get to some off road trails is no longer an option. I have to transport my uni there, ride my uni and then drive back. The muni has become a too specialized uni for my tastes. For 3/4s of the year I'll use the High Roller except for the winter and "Special Events". I haven't used the WildLife enough to comment on the weight issue.

                            I recently picked up a Nimbus 29" uni with Big Apple Schwelbe tires and 125mm cranks. For riding on the road or the (easy) dirt trails that are groomed or former rail beds this is the proper weapon. And if you are limited to those situations why would you not use a 29" or 36" uni? The Big Apple grips well on these nice surfaces. (Add a little of snow and ice and it doesn't.)

                            As has been said before there does not seem to be a huge choice for 24" tires. If what you are looking for is a tire that wears well and is pretty good in all situations (but not best) the Maxxis High Roller is a good choice for you.

                            Cheers - Terry O'Leary

                            My Unis ...

                            Bedford ISIS mountain unicycle. 150mm Moment Cranks. WellGo metal pedals with big metal pins, Alex Rim (42mm wide ?). Currently have WildLife 24x3" tire, last tire was a Maxxis High Roller 24x 2.5 and before that a Kenda Kiniption. Fusion FreeRide seat with bumper/handle and no brakes.

                            I also have a Nimbus 29" with ISIS hub, Dominator 2 rim, Quax 125mm cranks. Big Apple Schwelbe 28x2.35 HS335 tire. Kenda Karma(?) tire on for the winter. WellGo metal pedals with big pins. Stock gel seat, bumper/handle and no brakes.

                            20" and 26".square tapered unis. The 26" - Torker LX - has a horrible stock seat compared to KH Fusion seats and Nimbus Gel seat.


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                              Thanks Terry for the report on the kiniption and the high roller. I just bought a 24" wheel set from Humblbee that comes with a kiniption. Too bad it wears fast on paved surfaces as that is mostly what it will see. When I wear it out maybe I will try a high roller, Cyclops or......
                              "A unicycle is a silly contraption."
                              My wife


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                                No knobby tire was ever designed for pavement. If your a true muni rider knobbies all the way. And I mean downhill not flatland super hard packed park forest preserve trails. Otherwise you must compromise with a street patterned tire.